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France Is Best Place in Europe 2010-09-23

Posted by clype in Money, Statistics.
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The UK no longer enjoys the highest net household income in the continent; last year it was 10 000 GBP above the European average, whereas now it is just 2 314 GBP ahead, slipping below Ireland, The Netherlands and Denmark.

Research by ‘uSwitch‘ has revealed that —

  • High living costs,
  • Below average government spending on health and education,
  • Lack of holidays and
  • Late retirement

— have contributed to a bleak picture for Brits.

Britons in search of ‘quality of life’ might want to move to France, as it held on to the top spot in the index for the second year in succession.

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. Denmark
  4. Poland
  5. Germany

All these countries offering more days of holiday and a lower retirement age than the UK and Ireland.

Recently, a study by ‘Aviva‘ and accountants ‘Deloitte‘ found that the UK has the biggest pension gap in Europe, with Britons needing to increase the amount they save each year to have a good retirement income.


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