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UK Attitudes to Relationships 2010-10-21

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It’s a question that has kept men on their toes for millennia, but what women want from men in 2010 may bear only a passing resemblance to what they wanted 30 years ago.

The company behind dating site match.com has just released ‘The Lovegeist Report’, a study tracking changing attitudes towards love and relationships in the UK.

It’s a document that covers all aspects of dating and relationships — but, if you boil it down, a few patterns start to emerge.

For example, (more…)

Slimmers Need Sleep 2010-10-05

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Dieters looking to shed more fat and feel less hungry while they do it may benefit from a few more hours in bed, according to a new study.

Dieters lost the same amount of weight whether they slept for a full night or fewer hours — but those who got more sleep lost more fat and they also felt less hungry while awake, according to the study, which appears in the 5th October 2010 issue of ‘The Annals of Internal Medicine‘. (more…)

Middle-Aged Woman Have Best Sex 2010-10-04

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Married women over 40 have the best sex, according to a survey that found that 81 per cent are more adventurous than when they were in their twenties, and 63 per cent are more confident in bed.

The survey commissioned by ‘Top Sante magazine‘ also showed that women’s sex lives improve after their children leave home. (more…)