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Britons Live near Work 2011-06-02

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Three-quarters of UK workers have journeys to work of less than 30 minutes according to the Office for National Statistics (The ONS)

The report highlights the discrepancies between those commuting to jobs in London and the rest of the nation.

Over half of Britons outside the capital have a work journey time of under 15 minutes, compared to only 18 per cent in London.

In the last quarter of 2009, 71 per cent of UK workers drove to work by car.

Of that, 76 per cent of those outside London drove to work, compared to 35 per cent in the capital, half of whom use public transport. In the rest of the UK, 9 per cent of workers aged 16-64 use buses, trains or a metro system.

Nearly three-fifths of workers in the country in the final quarter of 2009 lived and worked within the same local authority area. Some 10 per cent get to work on foot.

London has a slightly higher proportion of people choosing to commute by bicycle.

Those who earn more and work in management or professional positions tend to having longer journey times, the statistics suggest.



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