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Nay Hogmanay in Glesga 2011-07-30

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Glasgow’s traditional Hogmanay party in George Square has been scrapped after the city council decided it was no longer delivering value for money.

Instead, the focus will switch to family-friendly events aimed at boosting the day and nighttime economy. This year’s event will finish at 22:00 and feature music, ceilidh dancing and curling on the George Square ice rink. (more…)

Latest on Dinosaurs! 2011-07-13

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Did the dinosaurs go out with a bang or a whimper?

The question is one of the most hotly contested in palaeontology and revolves around an apparent gap in the fossil record immediately prior to the K-T boundary — the distinct layer of geological sediments separating the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods, and associated with a massive asteroid impact and global extinction event. (more…)

Boycotting Glasgow Airport 2011-07-13

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Glasgow’s Muslims are boycotting the city’s main airport and choosing to fly from Manchester because of perceived harassment from counter-terrorism officers, it was claimed last night 2011-07-12. (more…)

Fighting The Camorra 2011-07-13

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Their life has been blighted by Italy’s bloodiest mafia, the Naples Camorra, but Ms. Alessandra Clemente and Mr. Antonio Prestieri could hardly come from more different backgrounds.

Mr. Antonio Prestieri’s father is a convicted murderer, drugs trafficker and clan boss — but he rejected his father’s lifestyle from the start. Ms. Alessandra Clemente’s mother was killed by the brutal crime syndicate.

His father was one of its clan bosses, and yet the two have become unlikely friends. More striking still, they are now taking a brave stand against The Camorra, inspired by the firm conviction that it can be defeated once and for all. (more…)