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Body Language for Dating 2012-11-29

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‘People feel weird when they meet me,’ 27-year-old Mr. Blake Eastman tells me.

He’s perched on a coffee table eating gummy bears. Sitting across from him on the couch in an expansive, hardwood-floored rental space in Chelsea New York USA getting ready to watch him teach ‘The Dating Workshop’, I admit that I feel, if not ‘weird’, a bit self-conscious; it’s hard to meet a master of body language (or, to quote Mr.Eastman, ‘non-verbal communication’) and not worry about what you’re doing with your hands, how solid your eye contact is, and whether he’s reading your mind. Hint: He sort of is.

For eight months, Mr.Eastman has been teaching singles on the dating scene to read minds, too, and to use their bodies to send clear signals. (more…)