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This site is for people who, like me, clip newspaper and magazine articles to keep for reference, often with scribbled comments, conversions and corrections in the margins.

When the Internet started, I loved the fact that I didn’t have to clip any more — I began hoarding hyperlinks to news articles (although I missed adding comments in the margin).

The trouble was that one-by-one these links stopped working. How frustrating and annoying!

That is why Clipped News was created. Instead of scribbled margins, there are comments open to all and everyone (except spammers and trolls). The hope is that all the articles will stay here as a resource forever.

This site exists to keep hand-picked web-published articles alive, to serve as a news correction service, and to make web news more webby — with pictures and as many links as possible.

This archive started on-line at clippednews.blogspot.com back in 2002, and the posts began to be moved over here, one-by-one, starting 2006-06.

There were two reasons for the transfer:

(1) Blogger’s archive began messing up the formatting, making the blogs almost unreadable,

(2) Blogger attracted a lot of spam comments, making it hard to manage, and even though Blogger was bought out by Google, I never found a single blog entry on Google’s search engine — even when I actually typed in full lines or the URI!! so quite why Blogger was such a spam-magnet is beyond me.

The site is presently hosted by WordPress, which is has been brilliant, however, and unfortunately for me (though probably due to Blogger’s messed-up formatting), I was unable to use the automatic post migration tool, and I therefore have had to move each post individually, which has been a crashing bore as there are hundreds! The articles are definitely worth keeping, so it is a labour of love.



1. Colin Campbell - 2010-10-06

Hi Clype, I see you made a few clips of articles about the Riverside Museum, Glasgow’s new transport museum. Not sure if you’re aware, but there’s now a Riverside blog, full of great articles and photos, at http://riversidemuseum.wordpress.com/. Hopefully it’ll be of interest to you. Cheers, Colin

2. Denese Bucholtz - 2011-02-10

some really prize blog posts on this internet site , saved to bookmarks .

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