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Caravaggio’s Dark Heart in Malta 2012-04-06

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This is clipped from a blog by Jonathan Jones on The Guardian website, the 1st personal style is the voice of Jonathan’s and not Clipped News’s.

It seems like only yesterday that Michelangelo Merisi, better known as Caravaggio, was killed by poisonous paints. That was a theory floated in 2010. The latest idea, proposed by yet another “expert” and reported in some papers this week, is that he was assassinated by the Knights of Malta. (more…)

Intriquing Ultrarunner found dead. 2012-04-05

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The mysterious thing about the disappearance last week of Micah True – better known as Caballo Blanco, the White Horse of the Sierra Madre mountains – was that, for once, we knew where he was. (more…)

Mad Woman Attacks Art in Museum – Again! 2011-08-16

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[Picture of mad woman art attacker Susan Burns]A woman with mental health problems who also attacked a 60.7 million  GBP painting by Gauguin in Washington earlier this year has struck again.

This time the object of her disapproval was centred on a work by Henri Matisse. (more…)

Nay Hogmanay in Glesga 2011-07-30

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Glasgow’s traditional Hogmanay party in George Square has been scrapped after the city council decided it was no longer delivering value for money.

Instead, the focus will switch to family-friendly events aimed at boosting the day and nighttime economy. This year’s event will finish at 22:00 and feature music, ceilidh dancing and curling on the George Square ice rink. (more…)

Architects visit Riverside Museum 2011-06-10

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Ms.Zaha Hadid is half an hour late. Which befits the image of the first lady of architecture but is also very apt.

Despite having worked in the UK for the best part of 30 years, where she’s produced many innovative designs, the Riverside Museum in Glasgow is her first major commission to be built in the UK.

But having arrived on the scene late, she and her London-based company seem to be making up for lost time, with a string of iconic buildings due to open in the next 18 months, including the new aquatics centre for the 2012 Olympics. (more…)

Religion Boosts Sport 2011-05-12

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At the Champions League final there is likely to be evidence of faith, with players making the sign of the cross and other religious gestures. But does belief really boost sporting performance, asks Mr Matthew Syed.

All eyes will be on Mr Lionel Messi, the world’s greatest footballer, when he walks out with Barcelona in The Champions League final. If you watch carefully, you may see him crossing himself as he strides onto the pitch.

On the opposing side, Manchester United striker Mr Javier Hernandez has been known to pray on the pitch. (more…)

Goodbye to “Modern Architecture” 2011-04-26

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Next to London Bridge station, a glass monster is rising from the ground. At 72 storeys — 310 metres  including a spire on top — The Shard will be the tallest skyscraper in Europe when it is completed in 2012.

Guests of the hotel chain Shangri-La on the 52nd floor will enjoy spectacular views, and passers-by will see an impressive sight; The Shard is made up of 11 200 panes of glass, each cut to a slightly different size, slotted together into nine sections of façade that appear to prop each other up.

It is a ‘work in progress’, but developer Mr. Irvine Sellar’s magnum opus could already be one of the last monuments from an era when building with generous amounts of glass was possible.

Building regulations enacted 2010-10 mean developers have to make projects 25 per cent more carbon efficient.

Glass structures that leak heat in winter and require cooling in summer are increasingly tough to get past officials — so they are more expensive.

‘We believe the gas-guzzling glass box is dead,’ said Mr. Ken Shuttleworth (‘Ken the Pen’),who designed the London’s iconic ‘Gherkin’ (The Swiss Re Building at 30 St Mary’s Axe)  for Foster + Partners, and who left to create Make Architects and declare the skyscraper dead in London.

‘This is a “sea change” in modern architecture and the only responsible way forward in a world of increasing concern about climate change and global warming.’


How To Help Children Do Well 2011-04-21

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As children face their final month of revision before the exam season starts, many parents are looking for the words to motivate their offspring, but could they be mistakenly praising the value of ability over effort, asks Mr.Matthew Syed.

Take a glance at these expressions of encouragement:

  • ‘You learned that so quickly, you’re so smart!’
  • ‘Look at that drawing. Are you the next Picasso or what?’
  • ‘You’re so brilliant – you passed that exam without really studying!’

They come across as precisely the kind of confidence-boosting statements that should be given to children or, indeed, anyone else.

Such phrases are used in homes and classrooms every day, particularly with exams looming, but are they benign? or could they unlock the reason why so many children are failing at school and elsewhere? (more…)

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates 2010 2011-02-04

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[Picture of Pritzker winners Sejima and Nishizawa]Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, partners in the architectural firm, SANAA, have been chosen as the 2010 Laureates of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The formal ceremony for what has come to be known throughout the world as architecture’s highest honour will be held on May 17 on historic Ellis Island in New York. At that time, a 100000 USD grant and bronze medallions will be bestowed on the two architects.

In announcing the jury’s choice, Thomas J. Pritzker, chairman of The Hyatt Foundation, elaborated, (more…)

Toddlers’ Self-Control Key to Their Future 2011-01-26

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It’s worrying news for any parent who’s struggled with a headstrong young child, but scientists claim that children who have low levels of self-control at age three are more likely to have health and money problems and a criminal record by the age of 32, regardless of background and IQ. (more…)