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Architects visit Riverside Museum 2011-06-10

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Ms.Zaha Hadid is half an hour late. Which befits the image of the first lady of architecture but is also very apt.

Despite having worked in the UK for the best part of 30 years, where she’s produced many innovative designs, the Riverside Museum in Glasgow is her first major commission to be built in the UK.

But having arrived on the scene late, she and her London-based company seem to be making up for lost time, with a string of iconic buildings due to open in the next 18 months, including the new aquatics centre for the 2012 Olympics. (more…)

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates 2010 2011-02-04

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[Picture of Pritzker winners Sejima and Nishizawa]Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, partners in the architectural firm, SANAA, have been chosen as the 2010 Laureates of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. The formal ceremony for what has come to be known throughout the world as architecture’s highest honour will be held on May 17 on historic Ellis Island in New York. At that time, a 100000 USD grant and bronze medallions will be bestowed on the two architects.

In announcing the jury’s choice, Thomas J. Pritzker, chairman of The Hyatt Foundation, elaborated, (more…)

Stadium Architect Months Behind Schedule 2010-03-23

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Technical drawings for Glasgow’s 113 million GBP show-piece sports arena and indoor cycle track planned for the 2014 Commonwealth Games are four months behind schedule, it was claimed today. (more…)

Planning a New Paris 2009-03-13

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Ten of the world’s leading architects on 2009-03-12, Thursday, detailed their plans to dramatically transform the French capital into a Grand Paris, in what has been described as the most complex city project ever. (more…)

The Riverside Museum of Transport, Glasgow 2008-11-16

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[Graphic of The Riverside Museum of Transport Glasgow from above]Seven clipped stories chronologically charting the progress of ‘The Riverside Museum’ (the new museum of transport for Glasgow). From the initial report late in 2004 (Museum of Transport, Glasgow, Scotland) through to the summer headlines of 2007 (Shock call to scrap city’s £74m transport museum), and then the follow-ups in October and November (Good news for Zaha as work on Transport Museum looks set to begin and Work begins on city’s £74 million Riverside Museum), and the the actual starting (First turf cut for Riverside Museum project) and just before last Christmas, work starts properly (Riverside development gets under way in Glasgow), to today’s latest sponsorship fund-raiser (Glasgow’s ‘Guggenheim’ starts to take shape). (more…)

More Controversial Scottish Architecture 2006-12-02

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The architectural firm behind ‘The Scottish Parliament’ building has won an international competition to build a controversial giant skyscraper in the heart of St.Petersburg in Russia.

Edinburgh-based ‘RMJM‘ beat five rival international architects to land the 2 400 million GBP contract to design and construct what is labelled ‘Gazprom-City’.

Yet even before a single shovel of earth has been dug, the project has been accused of ‘cultural vandalism’ by critics who wish to preserve the historic appearance of the Russian city famed for its palaces and canals.