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Mad Woman Attacks Art in Museum – Again! 2011-08-16

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[Picture of mad woman art attacker Susan Burns]A woman with mental health problems who also attacked a 60.7 millionĀ  GBP painting by Gauguin in Washington earlier this year has struck again.

This time the object of her disapproval was centred on a work by Henri Matisse. (more…)


Fingers Lost in Art Class Tragedy 2009-10-12

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Giles Visual Arts School has been ordered to pay 19 000 GBP after a 16-year-old girl lost most of her fingers when she put her hands in a bucket of ‘plaster of Paris’ during a school art lesson.

The teenager was attempting to make a sculpture of her own hands during a lesson in 2007-01 when the horrific accident happened, Boston Magistrates’ Court in Lincolnshire was told. (more…)

One Nation Under CCTV – Banksy 2008-04-18

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‘Banksy’ has pulled off one of his most audacious stunts — an huge protest against Britain’s surveillance society — next to a CCTV camera. (more…)

Nude Models Wanted for Pub Shoot 2006-07-13

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A photographer wants 30 volunteers to strip off in a bar in the name of art.

Mr.Alistair Devine is looking for nudes of every shape and size for a project ‘celebrating the eclectic, bohemian and artistic spirit of Glasgow’s west end’. (more…)

Dali’s “Christ of St.John of The Cross: Nuclear Mysticism” Returns Home 2006-06-03

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The Late Salvadore Dali’s masterpiece, ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross: Nuclear Mysticism’, was returned to its original Scottish home on 2006-06-02.

The painting was unveiled at Glasgow’s ‘Kelvingrove’ Gallery as the museum approached the finishing stages of a 27 million GBP overhaul. (more…)