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Body Language for Dating 2012-11-29

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‘People feel weird when they meet me,’ 27-year-old Mr. Blake Eastman tells me.

He’s perched on a coffee table eating gummy bears. Sitting across from him on the couch in an expansive, hardwood-floored rental space in Chelsea New York USA getting ready to watch him teach ‘The Dating Workshop’, I admit that I feel, if not ‘weird’, a bit self-conscious; it’s hard to meet a master of body language (or, to quote Mr.Eastman, ‘non-verbal communication’) and not worry about what you’re doing with your hands, how solid your eye contact is, and whether he’s reading your mind. Hint: He sort of is.

For eight months, Mr.Eastman has been teaching singles on the dating scene to read minds, too, and to use their bodies to send clear signals. (more…)

UK Attitudes to Relationships 2010-10-21

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It’s a question that has kept men on their toes for millennia, but what women want from men in 2010 may bear only a passing resemblance to what they wanted 30 years ago.

The company behind dating site match.com has just released ‘The Lovegeist Report’, a study tracking changing attitudes towards love and relationships in the UK.

It’s a document that covers all aspects of dating and relationships — but, if you boil it down, a few patterns start to emerge.

For example, (more…)