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New Solar Powered Air Con from China 2010-12-10

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China’s first solar-powered air conditioner that can also send excess electricity to the power grid began rolling off a Gree Electric Appliances production line today 2010-12-15.

The first 50 000 units will be sold in the American market. After that, the units will also be available for purchase in China, (more…)

Enzyme Makes Fuel from Air 2010-08-05

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An enzyme found in the roots of soybeans could be the key to cars that run on air.

Vanadium nitrogenase, an enzyme that normally produces ammonia from nitrogen gas, can also convert carbon monoxide (CO), a common industrial by-product, into propane, the blue-flamed gas found on stoves across the USA.

While scientists caution the research is still at an early stage, they say that this study could eventually lead to new, environmentally friendly ways to produce fuel — and eventually petrol — from thin air. (more…)

Scottish Homes Lead The Green Way 2010-04-04

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Improved building standards will give Scotland some of the greenest homes in Europe, a Holyrood minister said.

Infrastructure MSP Mr.Stewart Stevenson (SNP, Banff & Buchan) hailed the new rules, which have just been published and will come into force at the start of 2010-10. (more…)