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-The Face of Nefertiti 2003-08-14

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Egyptologists believe they have recreated the face of the legendary Queen Nefertiti. A picture of the Egyptian ruler was built up by a team which discovered a mummy in what is thought to be her tomb.

[Picture of Reconstruction of Face of Nefertiti]
Dr.Joann Fletcher uncovered what she believes is the tomb and worked with her team to create the face. Nefertiti – whose name means ‘the beautiful or perfect one has come’ — lived more than 3 000 years ago and was famed for her elegant profile and swan-like neck. She was married to the pharaoh Amenhotep IV who established both his own religion and the capital of Egypt — at Amarna.

Some archaeologists believe she may have ruled the country in her own right for three years following her husband’s 17-year reign, although others believe she died before his rule ended. Following her death, she was not remembered fondly and her image was defaced throughout the land. Dr.Fletcher said:

‘I couldn’t believe it, that moment when I first saw her.

‘After 12 years of searching for Nefertiti, it was probably the most amazing experience of my life. It certainly has some wide-ranging implications for Egyptology’.

[Picture of Nefertiti Mummy]

The reconstruction and the story behind it features in a film being shown on Satellite TV’s Discovery Channel on 2003-09-07.

[Picture of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt - Bust]