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France Is Best Place in Europe 2010-09-23

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The UK no longer enjoys the highest net household income in the continent; last year it was 10 000 GBP above the European average, whereas now it is just 2 314 GBP ahead, slipping below Ireland, The Netherlands and Denmark. (more…)


Family Finance Figures 2009-10-14

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It’s surprising (and depressing) how much money you’ll need before you can call time on your career.

It’s a fantasy all but the very richest of us have probably entertained: tell the boss where to stick his ‘one-to-ones’ and ‘spreadsheets’, turn on our heel and storm out, never to suffer ‘the daily grind’ again.

But how much would you really need in the kitty to turn this dream into a reality?

We’ve crunched the numbers for an average couple at various stages of their lives so you need wonder no more. (more…)