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Nursery Chess Success 2007-08-14

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In mediaeval times, chess was used to teach war strategy to the English educational élite and has latterly become a highbrow allegory for the eternal struggles between life and death in literature.

Its origins date back so far that they are shrouded in the mists of time, but experts believe it began in India around 600AD when elephants were used instead of bishops, and four armies battled for supremacy.

In other words, it wasn’t a game for children.

Undeterred, East Dunbartonshire Council introduced the game for nursery children (more…)


Children’s Mystery Limp 2006-09-18

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Mr. Ryan Miller was a healthy 4-year-old when he woke up one day and inexplicably started limping.

Same thing happened several months ago in Springfield, USA to 6-year-old Mr. Paolo Brandon — a mystery limp that came out of the blue. It sent both boys to the GP’s surgery, where the possibilities were alarming.

‘Leukemia, bone cancer — it was scary to know what it could have been,’ said Ms. Ellen Weiss of suburban Chicago.

Her son, Max, also developed the condition at age 7.

All had (more…)