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UK Women Less Shapely Now 2011-05-29

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Forget the hourglass;  British women are more likely to be a ‘rectangle’, it seems. There are now five times as many rectangular-shaped women as those with the classic Marilyn Monroe hourglass, research suggests.

Despite this, many of the fashions sold on the high street still apply this outdated silhouette, as a result, nearly 60 per cent of women complain that they are unhappy with the fit of clothes labelled as being their size.

Almost one in two British women (more…)

Top 50 Slimming Tips 2010-07-13

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Here we give a round up of the Top 50 slimming diet tips: (more…)

The Shangri-La Diet 2005-10-04

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Mr.Seth Roberts is a 52-year-old psychology professor at The University of California at Berkeley.

If you knew Mr.Roberts 25 years ago, you might remember him as a man with problems.

  • He had acne, and most days he woke up too early, which left him exhausted.
  • He wasn’t depressed, but he wasn’t always in the best of moods.
  • Most troubling to Mr.Roberts, he was overweight: at 1.8m, he weighed 91kg. (91/1.8/1.8 = 28.08kg/m2 BMI).

When you encounter Seth Roberts today, he is a clear-skinned, well-rested, entirely affable man who weighs about 72.5kg and looks 10 years younger than his age. (72.5/1.8/1.8 = 22.38kg/m2 BMI).

How did this happen? It began when (more…)