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Red Wine: Good. White Wine: Bad. 2004-10-28

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Spanish scientists find that drinking red wine could protect against lung cancer, but white wine may increase the risk. (more…)

New Oral Vaccine for Alzheimer’s 2004-10-26

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‘Alzheimer’s’ disease is characterised by progressive loss of cognitive function due to ‘Amyloid-beta’ (Aß) deposits in the central nervous system.

If these deposits could be stopped or slowed, ‘Alzheimer’s’ disease might become more manageable.

In the current issue of ‘The Journal of ‘Alzheimer’s’ Disease’, a novel paper from researchers from the ‘National Institute for Longevity Sciences’ (NCGG), Japan and ‘The Centre for Neurological Diseases’, ‘Brigham & Women’s Hospital’, ‘Harvard Institute of Medicine’, USA, shows that a new oral vaccine treatment is effective (more…)

Complementary Currencies are Evolving 2004-10-23

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First European Conference on Complementary Currencies:

The town of Bad Honnef, in Germany, hosted 155 people from all over Europe, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan and Canada who spent five days talking about EKOs, Time Dollars, E-cards, Bartercards, LETS and voucher systems — in some 22 different complementary currency schemes.

Complementary currencies, often called local or community currencies, are evolving. (more…)

UN Predicts Steep Rise in Domestic Robots 2004-10-21

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For decades, science fiction has promised a future in which life’s most mundane chores are carried out by robots.

Sadly, the clunky, wobbling automatons that have been wheeled out as examples of this brave new world have so far proved something of a disappointment.

  • But all that is about to end according to a report which predicts the number of robots in everyday use is set to soar seven-fold by 2007.

The paper, published yesterday by the United Nations, says that robots will be employed around the home to mow lawns, vacuum floors and manage other household chores as more consumers snap up smart machines. (more…)

Evolution OK Religion OK 2004-10-18

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‘Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind’. — Albert Einstein

Joel Primack has a long and distinguished career as an astrophysicist. As a University of California, Santa Cruz professor, he co-developed the cold dark matter theory that seeks to explain the formation and structure of the universe.

He also believes in God.

That may strike some people as peculiar. After all, in some corners popular belief renders science and religion incompatible.

Yet (more…)

The Dandy gets a facelift 2004-10-07

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The world’s longest-running comic — The Dandy — has relaunched itself with a cast of 21st century characters joining old pre-war favourites like “Desperate Dan” in a bid to halt sliding circulation. (more…)