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Instead of Religion…Join Me! 2004-06-29

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'They still call me "The Leader"', admits Danny Wallace.

'But it's all tongue-in-cheek. I'm really just the same as any other speccy bloke'.

He's not, though. If you bump into him, he'll probably offer you a chocolate bar. Or compliment your shoes. Because that's his way.

The way of the "Karma Army", the benign cult he accidentally invented in a moment of inspired boredom. (more…)

Gross National Happiness 2004-06-23

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‘Gross National Happiness’ could be the next stage in the evolution of our economic thinking. A group of western economists, inspired by Bhutan’s concept of ‘Gross National Happiness’, are working to get the idea adopted internationally.

‘”Gross International Happiness” could be the next level of evolution in our economic thinking’, says the Dutch economist, Sander Tideman.

jigmewangchuck.jpg Bhutan, led by King Jigme Singye Wangchuck, is the only country in the world to measure its well-being by ‘Gross National Happiness’ instead of ‘Gross National Product’. (more…)

Rear of The Year 2004-06-16

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Rear of The Year Limited This year’s winner of “Rear of the Year”…

2004 — Ms. Alex. Best (wife of ex-footballer George Best) & Mr. Aled Haydn-Jones (of Chris Moyles’s BBC Radio One show)

Previous Winners:

2003 — Ms. Natasha Hamilton & Mr. Ronan Keating;

2002 — Ms. Charlotte Church & Mr. Scott Wright;

2001 — Ms. Claire Sweeney & Mr. John Altman;

2000 — Ms. Jane Danson & Mr. Graham Norton;

1999 — Ms. Denise van Outen & Mr. Robbie Williams;

1998 — Ms. Carol Smillie & Mr. Frank Skinner;

1997 — Ms. Melinda Messenger & Mr. Gary Barlow;

1996 — Ms. Tracy Shaw & ‘Hunter’;

1994 — Ms. Mandy Smith & Mr. Richard Fairbrass;

1993 — Ms. Sarah Lancashire;

1992 — Ms. Ulrika Jonsson;

1989 — Ms. Marina Ogilvy;

1988 — Ms. Su Pollard;

1987 — Ms. Anita Dobson;

1986 — Ms. Anneka Rice & Mr. Michael Barrymore (joint);

1985 — Ms. Lynsey de Paul;

1984 — Ms. Elaine Paige;

1983 — ‘Lulu’;

1982 — Ms. Suzi Quatro;

1981 — Ms. Felicity Kendal;

1976 — Ms. Barbara Windsor.

Water Shortages & Heat Threaten Retirement Homes 2004-06-15

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Local wine, olive groves, the sun slowly setting over an azurian sky.

Ever since Mr.Peter Mayle first brought us the charms of his rural Mediterranean idyll in the mid-1980s the dream of owning a place in the sun has been a cherished ambition for Britain’s middle classes.

But for many who have been persuaded by the Mediterranean’s mosaic of sun-washed villages, pine-clad coves and clear golden waters, their dream is getting hot. (more…)