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New SkyScraper Scrapped 2006-07-28

Posted by clype in Glasgow, Intolerance.
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Proposed SkyscraperDevelopers have scrapped plans for a 12 million GBP skyscraper on the banks of a Glasgow canal after a storm of protest.

The iconic tower was designed to dominate a new-look wharfside at Port Dundas and was a key part of a 100 million GBP masterplan to create a Little Venice area in the city. But those behind the regeneration have been forced to reconsider the plans after residents and politicians branded it a ‘carbuncle’.


    British Toilet Crisis 2006-07-23

    Posted by clype in Health, Scotland.
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    Public lavatories in Britain are in such a poor state that restaurants and cafés should allow non-customers to use their toilets for a nominal charge, a government minister and (more…)

    Naked Glaswegians Turned Away from Pub 2006-07-22

    Posted by clype in Glasgow, Humanities.

    Hundreds of people had to be turned away from a naked photo shoot following an ‘overwhelming’ response to an appeal for volunteers. (more…)

    The 15 Weird Ways to Health 2006-07-22

    Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Health.

    We all know how important it is to take regular exercise, cut down on our fat intake and eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But is there anything more we could do to improve our health? (more…)

    Church vs Church 2006-07-22

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    [Picture of Charlotte Church]One of the world’s largest Roman Christian publishing houses has refused to sell any works by Ms.Charlotte Church after she called German-born Pope Benedict-16 a ‘Nazi’.

    The directors of US American based Ignatius Press were offended when the Welsh singer mocked The Church in the pilot of her forthcoming eight-part Channel 4 television chat show. (more…)

    World Cup Winners 2006-07-20

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    The complete list of FIFA World Cup winners: (more…)

    The Dirtiest People 2006-07-18

    Posted by clype in Glasgow, Health, Scotland, Statistics.
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    Glasgow is the dirtiest place in Scotland, a new index compiled by a government health watchdog has said.

    Health Protection Scotland‘ (‘HPS‘) used environmental health reports of public spots such as parks, streets and ponds to survey local authorities.

    It said that Glasgow was worst for overall cleanliness with Falkirk having the second highest score. (more…)

    Price Hike for Houses? 2006-07-18

    Posted by clype in Money, Statistics.
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    Average house prices in ‘England & Wales’ could rise from 195 000 GBP to nearly 290 000 GBP by 2011, research from ‘Oxford Economic Forecasting(‘OEF’) has said. Under-supply of new housing will fuel house price inflation, OEF’ added.

    Getting on the housing ladder will become even harder, it said, as house prices rise from eight times average salaries to 9.2 times in 2011. (more…)

    Museum’s ‘Dark Secret’ 2006-07-17

    Posted by clype in Articles of Interest, Europe, Glasgow, Humanities, Intolerance, Scotland.
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    The dark secret of one of Scotland’s most famous museums has been revealed.

    • An autographed photograph of Adolf Hitler was hidden behind a bookcase for more than 70 years. The 600mm-high, card-mounted black and white portrait of the fascist dictator was discovered during the refurbishment of Glasgow’s popular Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, secreted between a bookcase and a wall in a back office.

      But museum officials say they have no idea when or why the portrait was placed there and confirmed they have no plans to put it on display.

    The Victorian attraction recently underwent a 27.9 million GBP refurbishment which involved clearing out back rooms for the first time in decades. (more…)

    Poverty Linked to Early Death 2006-07-14

    Posted by clype in Health, Money, Statistics.
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    People from poorer backgrounds are more unhealthy and die earlier than the rich — according a study (more…)