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Scottish Olympic Medal Winners 2004-09-28

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This is the only complete list of Scottish Olympic medal-winners — complete with pictures — on the Internet at the time of publication. (more…)

Virgin Spaceflights by 2007 2004-09-27

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British airline magnate Mr.Richard Branson says his company will begin launching paying customers into outer space by 2007 on the world’s first commercial space flights. (more…)

Sinking Tower Re-Opens 2004-09-23

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‘The Millennium Tower’ at ‘The Glasgow Science Centre’ is to re-open to the public on Thursday 2004-09-26.

The 10 million GBP rotating tower had to be closed in 2002-02, just months after ‘The Glasgow Science Centre’ on the south bank of the Clyde opened to the public.

It was found to have sunk because of damage to two bearings in the rotating base mechanism. (more…)

Walking Reduces Risk of Dementia 2004-09-22

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The health benefits of regular walking may include helping prevent mental decline and 'Alzheimer's disease', research in patients aged 70 and up has found, bolstering evidence that exercise needn't be strenuous to be good for you.

There's plenty of evidence that mental exercise, such as crossword puzzles and reading, may reduce 'Alzheimer's' risks, but previous studies on brain benefits from physical exercise had conflicting results.


Cannabis may help MS sufferers 2004-09-11

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Cannabis may loosen the stiff and spastic muscles of multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers, and not just their minds, a follow-up study has found. The results contradict findings from the first phase of the study, where improvements seemed to be largely due to 'good moods' (more…)

Sinking Tower Opens Then Closes Again! 2004-09-08

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The tower at ‘The Glasgow Science Centre’ has been shut down for maintenance two weeks after re-opening to the public. (more…)

Accountants for the Pole 2004-09-04

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Two explorers are set to become the first all-Scottish team to trek to ‘The South Pole’. Craig Mathieson, 35, of Buchlyvie, and Fiona Taylor, 36, of Dunfermline (more…)

People are Bigger Now 2004-09-02

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The hourglass figure typified by curvaceous Fifties stars such as Ms.Elizabeth Taylor and Ms.Sophia Loren is, officially, a thing of the past.

A major study of body sizes shows that the average British female waist now measures almost 865mm — a shocking 165mm less waspish and more sluggish than their Fifties counterparts, whose nipped-in little skelf-like middles were an average 700mm in 1951.

Today’s women are also taller, with a bigger bust and hips, according to ‘The National Sizing Survey’, which looked at the body shapes of 11 000 women and men, making it the biggest survey of its kind in 50 years. The results confirm what health experts already know about the changing shape of Britain, and what they suspect is the case in other western nations.

That the population is getting fatter and lazier — 38 per cent of women and 44 per cent of men are now either overweight or obese — came as no surprise to the researchers. But what they did not expect was the drastic shape change in women’s figures over the years (more…)