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Women over 30 are Unhappy 2007-09-30

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Women in their thirties who appear to ‘have it all’ compared with previous generations are in fact exhausted and unhappy, a survey has claimed.

The demands of being a home-maker, mother and holding down a job is leaving them ‘physically and emotionally’ wrecked.

Lack of (more…)

2008 Housing Laws “Big Shock” 2007-09-28

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Property owners face a ‘huge shock’ when the full impact of the new Housing Act on their responsibilities hits home next year (2008), experts claim.

  • However, they warn the most sweeping reforms of Scotland’s housing law in a generation will not have the desired effect of upgrading standards if plans to significantly reduce improvement grants go ahead.

Housing officials in Glasgow City Council yesterday launched a consultation on the impact of the Act, due to come into effect in spring 2008, with the aim of informing homeowners, housing associations and landlords about statutory responsibilities they will face for the upkeep. (more…)

Karaoke Song Lands Big Deal 2007-09-23

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After years of belting out the hits in karaoke bars, a Scot who will soon be picking up his pension has been signed by a US American record label. (more…)

Smell depends on the Smeller 2007-09-18

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When it comes to a man’s body odour, the fragrance — or stench — is in the nose of the beholder, according to US American researchers who suggest a single gene may determine how people perceive body odour. (more…)

Easy-Remove Chewing Gum! 2007-09-14

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Cleaners everywhere rejoice: scientists have finally invented an easy-to-remove chewing gum.

Revolymer‘, a spin-off company from (more…)

Mobile Cell Phone Health Study Findings 2007-09-13

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A small study found an increased risk of tumours resulting from exposure to mobile phone handset radiation, but this hasn’t been backed up by other work. On the contrary, so far, handsets and masts are perfectly safe. (more…)

Coat Hanger Amnesty 2007-09-12

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They lurk at the back of wardrobes, beneath beds and half concealed under chests of drawers, and the chances are at least a dozen are lying around your home, waiting to trip up the unwary, but now could be the time to act against the menace of unused coat hangers. (more…)

Call to End Scottish House Bid Anomaly 2007-09-09

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Scotland’s house-buying system needs to be reformed to end the use of ‘secret bids’, according to Scottish Nationalist Party MSP for the West of Scotland, Dr Bill Wilson, who has lodged a motion at Holyrood asking for ‘The Scottish Government’ to change the way people buy homes.

He wants houses to be sold for a ‘fixed price‘ — or for buyers to be aware of the value of any rival bids for a property (‘open bids‘). (more…)

Learing Emotions in Class 2007-09-08

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Lessons in emotions should be introduced in all schools in ‘England & Wales’ says the government, in the latest twist on what’s known as ’emotional intelligence’. But can children really be taught how to be happy? (more…)

Gene Manipulated to Fix Obesity 2007-09-04

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A single gene can keep in check the tendency to pile on fat, according to a team of scientists (more…)