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Cheapest & Most Expensive Holiday Destinations 2010-06-12

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A new study has revealed that France is the most expensive country to go to on holiday, despite the public’s perception that it is cheaper to visit than Dubai, Japan and the Nordic countries.

The research by flight comparison website Skyscanner.net looked at the cost of various items including a coffee, a beer, a meal, accommodation and car hire in 30 different destinations. (more…)


Almost All Scots are Unhealthy 2010-06-12

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Almost the entire adult population of Scotland are likely to be either cigarette smokers, heavy drinkers, physically inactive, overweight or have a poor diet, according to a study published on Friday.

Researchers from Glasgow studied data from (more…)

Genes and Vit-D deficiency 2010-06-10

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Scientists have found three genetic differences that affect a person’s risk of being deficient in the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, vitamin-D, and say their work helps explain why sunlight and a good diet aren’t always enough. (more…)