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Huge Costs & New Cars 2007-02-28

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With new 07 car registration plates just around the bend, the next few weeks could see over 800 million GBP wasted as people drive their new cars off the forecourt. (more…)

Better Than Barcode? 2007-02-16

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Fujitsu has developed a method of embedding data invisibly within printed pictures.

The procedure, commonly known as ‘steganography’, will allow numerical information to be hidden within a colour image and accessed via a camera.

Women Prefer Good-Looking Underachievers 2007-02-10

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The University of Central Lancashire‘ research published in the ‘Personality and Individual Differences‘ journal found that their group of 186 female students preferred good-looking men. However, those good-looking men without top careers were deemed most suitable. (more…)

FP7 Launch: EU R&D Initiative 2007-02-08

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Europe has begun rolling out its new ‘Research & Development’ (‘R&D’) initiative — ‘The Seventh Framework Programme‘ (the ‘FP7‘).

‘FP7’ will see more than 7 000 million EUR/year (4 600 million GBP/year) handed to investigators to advance scientific knowledge and — by extension — boost the EU’s economy.


Mirror That Is Older Than Christ is Dropped on TV 2007-02-05

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A 2 500-year-old mirror worth 500 000 GBP was dropped and smashed on a Chinese TV show. (more…)

A Load of Pollock’s? 2007-02-05

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The authenticity of three paintings attributed to Jackson Pollock has been called into question by anaylsis of the pigments in the paint.

According to experts from ‘The Harvard University Art Museums’ in Boston, Massachusetts, some pigments in the paint only became available long after the U.S.A. abstract ‘drip’-painting master died in a car crash in 1956.


Beer Drinker’s Diet 2007-02-05

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There’s a new diet just in time for the Super Bowl. But don’t worry, this one’s different — and perfect for people with game day plans.

  • This diet allows that staple of tailgating parties — beer.

It’s usually a ‘no-no’ for dieters because beer is loaded with calories. But the author of a new book says you can have your favorite drink and diet, too — on ‘The Beer Drinker’s Diet’. (more…)

‘Economically Useful’ Languages for Pupils 2007-02-04

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Teenagers in England & Wales are to be given the opportunity to learn ‘economically useful’ languages such as Mandarin alongside French and German, the UK Government has confirmed.


Girls Choosing Husbands Under Threat 2007-02-03

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He was 14 when the girl entered his grass-covered hut and placed a plate of steaming fish in front of him.
Like all men on the African isle of Orango in Guinea-Bissau, Carvadju Jose Nananghe knew exactly what it meant.

Refusing was not an option. His heart pounding, he lifted the aromatic dish, prepared with an ancient recipe, to his lips, agreeing in one bite to marry the girl. (more…)

New Copyright Problems for YouTube 2007-02-03

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Under the USA’s copyright laws, ‘YouTube’ is immune from legal liability as long as it responds to deletion requests, so when ‘The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers‘ (‘JASRAC’) complained of copyright infringement late in 2006, ‘YouTube’ immediately deleted nearly 30 000 files.

However, because ‘youtube.com‘ is a free upload/download (sharing) site, as soon as files are deleted, they can be immediately uploaded afresh by the public. As a result most companies are attempting to strike a revenue-sharing agreement licensing deal with such sites. (more…)